How We Protect You With
Our Exclusive 3 Guarantees

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How We Protect You With Our Exclusive 3 Guarantees

There are 3 fears that every home owner has when they hire a contractor. #1 is the fear that the job will end up costing more than you were told. #2 is the fear that they will start the job but not come back leaving your home torn up for a long time. And #3 is the fear that they will leave your home a mess once they finally do finish the job. That’s why at Acoustical Ceilings, we have 3 guarantees that protect you from these real fears. #1 is our Pricing Guarantee. This guarantee is your assurance that what you agree to pay is what it costs, period. If we make a pricing mistake, it is our mistake, and we will never try to charge you more. #2 is our “No Gap” Guarantee. We guarantee that once we start the job, we will be back every day until we finish making sure that your job proceeds as fast as possible. And our third guarantee is our cleanliness guarantee. WE guarantee that we will leave your home as clean or cleaner than we found it, or we will hire a professional cleaning company to clean the effected areas for you. Now it should be obvious that we have taken every step we can to protect you, your home, and your wallet. Isn’t it time you get the quality and service you deserve from a contracting service? Call us today, we are waiting to serve you.

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