In general, recessed lighting is any light fixture that is installed in a hollow opening in the ceiling. The benefits of recessed lighting include generally improving the elegance in your home and makes it more sleek and modern.

One of the benefits of recessed lighting is that it quickly increases how modern your home looks. This kind of lighting gives you the opportunity to highlight certain facets of your home’s decoration. You can increase or decrease the lighting to illuminate areas of your home as you need to. This kind of lighting is something buyers look for, so installing it in your home may increase its value.

Another of the benefits of recessed lighting is the ability to show off prized decorations in your home. If you have awards, art pieces, or sculptures, you can illuminate them with this kind of lighting, setting them apart from other parts of your home, making them showpieces.

Safety is another of the benefits of recessed lighting. There are no dangling cords since these lights are in the ceiling. Because they are installed in the ceiling, they can be placed just about anywhere. One excellent placement is above stairs to prevent any falls during the night.

Yet another of the benefits of recessed lighting is that it makes rooms seem larger. The light cans are placed in the ceiling, thus taking up less visual space in the room. Through what is called ‘wall washing’, these kinds of light also make rooms look bigger. This involves using the right kind of trim in the cans to spread the light around the room.

There are some disadvantages as well as benefits of recessed lighting. One disadvantage is that recessed lighting may cost more. Bulbs used in recessed lighting also may be more expensive.

Installation of recessed lighting also is more difficult. One part of the difficulty is having to cut holes in your drywall that will be large enough for the cans which must also fit into the holes snugly to provide a good seal to prevent heat loss.

Another disadvantage of recessed lighting is its permanency. Once these fixtures are in place, they can’t be moved.

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