Your home’s ceiling is one of those parts of your home that you don’t often consider. However, the ceiling finishes in your home can make a large difference in the beauty of your home. So, the ceilings in your home need to be finished, just like the walls of your home.

One of the different ceiling finishes is plaster. This may be one of the oldest ways to finish ceilings, used in many ceilings in cathedrals centuries ago. Plain plaster is often used as the foundation for other types of plaster finishes. Sand face plastering is a technique that leaves your ceiling with a sandy feeling surface. You can get a more rustic look using rough cast plaster. Pebbled dash plaster is about the same as rough cast but with small pebbles included in the plaster.

Another of the ceiling finishes is drywall. Gypsum board is typically used. This method is usually faster and easier than plastering. There are a number of types of drywall that can be used on your ceiling.

There are some textures that can be added to drywall ceiling finishes to add interest. Skim coating is the least involved of these textures. The texture added is minimal. A mud swirl consisting of a thin mud mixture literally swirled on the ceiling adds more interest and texture. The popcorn ceiling texture may be making a comeback in popularity. This technique requires a specific machine to blow the compound onto the ceiling. Plaster stenciling gives even more interest and texture to your ceiling finishes.

One thing you want to keep in mind when making changes to your ceiling finishes is to keep the finishes in proportion to the size of the room. Colors also can make a difference on your ceiling finishes and in the way your home looks.

Adding a medallion to your ceiling can make a real difference in the way your ceiling, and thus your home, looks. They can be used to draw attention to light fixtures and chandeliers. Installing these medallions as part of your ceiling finishes is something you can most likely do yourself.

Over the past several years, pressed tin ceiling panels have increased in popularity as one of the ceiling finishes available to you. There are some caveats to keep in mind. These finishes are not useful in rooms where good acoustics are needed. Also, they don’t really fit in rooms that are more modern in style.

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