Decorative Ceilings

When it comes to interior design and renovation, ceilings are frequently neglected and sometimes poorly installed. As a result, ceilings often going unseen and unnoticed in home or office. However, today’s homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of their ceilings’ decorative potential. Instead of missing an excellent opportunity for enhancement of interior spaces, they’re taking advantage of the many modern options available, such as flat ceilings.

At Acoustical Ceilings, we specialize in the most popular styles of ceiling decoration. No matter your design preferences, you’ll find something that fits your tastes and budget. We provide peace of mind with 50 years of expertise and an enduring emphasis on the quality of the finished product. Whether you’re renovating, planning new construction, or have a decorative ceiling in need of repair, you can count on our friendly, professional approach.

What Is a Decorative Ceiling?

Decorative Ceiling is the term used for any type of ceiling design or treatment that creates a visual focal point. The term applies to a broad range of potential options. A list of the most preferred options includes:

  • Recessed ceilings
  • Coffered ceilings
  • Venetian plaster

It also includes ceilings treated with custom textures such as:

  • Adobe
  • Santa Fe
  • Smooth
  • Splatter
  • Knockdown
  • Orange Peel

Each of these decorative selections has its own distinctive look. Choices available today can accommodate a vast range of architectural and design styles, from the classical to the ultramodern.

Different Decorative Ceiling Options

There are a variety of reasons for choosing a decorative ceiling design and creating a desired look for your home’s interior. You can incorporate a ceiling design into your plans from the beginning if you’re building a house from scratch.

You can also choose to modify an existing ceiling during your remodeling or renovation. This is probably the most typical installation scenario. It can produce positive outcomes on renovation and remodeling projects of any size.

Another common reason is the desire to cover up existing ceiling defects because no other finished surface in your home is more prone to installation imperfections than your ceiling. You can always choose to accept these defects or you can eliminate them with your preferred type of design or treatment.

Custom Ceiling Designs

Conventional ceilings are flat. Custom ceiling designs are structural alterations that transform those flat surfaces into sources of inspiring visual interest. Acoustical Ceilings’ staff of experts can meet any design specification, from the simplest to the most complex.

Recessed Ceilings

Recessed ceilings, also known as tray or inverted ceilings, feature an inset center section surrounded by a normal-height perimeter. Depending on the design, the inset can vary in depth from a few inches to a foot or more. The contrast between the center and the perimeter produces an eye-catching 3-D effect.

Coffered Ceilings

Ceilings in this category resemble coffered ceilings. However, instead of just one recessed plane, they have several. These planes may lie flat in a horizontal grid pattern. They may also extend upward at an angle from the rest of your ceiling.

Custom Textured Ceilings

Textured ceilings are named for the changes they make in your ceiling’s pattern, depth and/or general appearance. They’re installed by applying a substance called textural “mud” to a drywalled surface. At Acoustical Ceilings, we offer a wide selection of top texture options.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe textures are made from a thin layer of textural mud applied over your current drywall. They mimic the appearance of traditional buildings in the Southwest and feature a subtly uneven surface.


Textures in this category mimic the look of adobe brick, also traditional in the Southwest. They feature an overall smooth surface, dotted with random, aesthetically appealing imperfections.


Knockdown texture installation follows two complementary steps. In the first step, a substantial layer of textural mud is applied with a spray nozzle. Once this mud begins to harden, we use hand tools to “knock” it down and create the intended final result.

Orange Peel  

Textures in this category require the same basic spray procedure as knockdown ceilings. However, use of a different type of nozzle leads to a distinctive appearance. Also, the applied mud is not “knocked down” once installed.


Also referred to as splatter knockdown, the application of this texture follows the same two-step process as a knockdown ceiling. However, installation requires the use of a third type of spray nozzle. This nozzle produces a surface that looks more “splattered” or spread out than a knockdown texture.


As their name implies, smooth textures have a featureless appearance similar to drywall. However, when applied with an expert hand, they lack the imperfections common to drywalled ceilings.

Venetian Plastered Ceilings

Plaster is perhaps the world’s most celebrated material for the creation of decorative surfaces. Its use extends back thousands of years. Traditionally, powdered substances such as lime, gypsum or cement are what comprises plaster. When combined with the right amount of water, these substances form a flexible paste. Installers apply this paste in thin layers to a wall or ceiling. Today, installers also have the option to work with modern acrylic plaster.

At Acoustical Ceilings, we specialize in ceilings surfaced with Venetian plaster. This prized material is applied by hand with a trowel. Once in place, it’s polished with a customized finishing tool until it achieves a hardness similar to marble. This polishing process also produces a unique combination of smoothness and a sense of depth and texture. You can add synthetic or natural colors to customize the look of Venetian plaster to your specific requirements.

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