Drywall, or gypsum board, was invented a little over a hundred years ago. It wasn’t very popular at the time, but is today one of the most common building materials.

In the early days, drywall was considered inferior to the more popular plaster and lath that was used in most houses. But during the 1950s, in the building boom following World War II, drywall became the most useful way of constructing walls in houses. It was cheaper than the other materials and techniques and went up quickly.

Drywall is made of a mixture of gypsum plaster that is sealed between two sheets of heavy paper before it dries. It’s cured and cut into pieces of different sizes. This makes plaster much easier to use than the old method.

There are additives that can be mixed into the drywall depending on the purpose for which it is used. If drywall is used in conditions that are wet, an additive can be mixed in that repels moisture and mildew. This type of drywall is sometimes called greenboard or MR. In very cold climates, drywall can be made with fiberglass instead of paper, thus increasing its insulating properties.

Another type of drywall is Type X which is fire resistant. It is the only paperless form of drywall. It has a glass mat surface on both sides and can be substituted for greenboard as well.

Since expansion is a property of drywall, it should not be installed if the weather is freezing or close to it. Another reason not to install it in this kind of cold condition is the products used in finishing drywall won’t work well in freezing weather.

Drywall is available in almost any size you require. There is even a type of drywall that resists dents and is used a lot in high traffic areas.

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