Your Greatest Protection From
A Mechanics Lien

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Your Greatest Protection From A Mechanics Lien

If your not careful… when you hire a contractor, you could pay twice for the job you agreed to. Let me explain. Most acoustical contractors hire sub contractors to do some of the work. Many times they will strip and texture your ceilings, and then hire a painter to do the final finish. This means that you could pay your contractor for the work, but if they do not pay their subcontractors, the subcontractors could place a mechanics lien on your property forcing you to pay again for the work you already paid for, ouch! Even if they don’t use sub contractors, they can still lien your home, affecting your home title… until you pay them what they want. They can actually hold your home hostage until you pay them again! So… are you willing to risk your home on a contractor like this? I hope not! At Acoustical Ceilings Inc., we never use subcontractors, and we will even give you a lien wavier in writing, that guarantees that no one associated with Acoustical Ceilings Inc. will ever threaten the ownership of your home with a mechanics lien. So let me ask you… is it worth the risk? Don’t be fooled, make sure you hire the only company that protects your property title, and your wallet in writing, with an exclusive lien wavier, Acoustical Ceilings.

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