There are a number of reasons for removing your popcorn ceiling. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it, you’ll find significant advantages to removing your popcorn ceiling.

One advantage is you may have better health. At one time, before the 1980s, the popcorn ceiling was made of asbestos. This substance has been proven to have serious negative health effects. Removing this from your home can help with your breathing problems. If you think your ceilings have asbestos, you’ll need to have a professional remove it.

Another advantage to popcorn ceiling removal is that your home will look better. Popcorn ceilings are hard to paint and keep clean. At one time, these ceilings were used to cut down on noise in the home. Now, there are much better ways to decrease home noise.

You may also increase the value of your home by removing your popcorn ceiling. Because of the possibility of these ceilings containing asbestos, potential buyers may be unwilling to take the chance of buying your home.

A popcorn ceiling is also more difficult to repair. If repair is needed, the entire ceiling will have to be replaced in order for the repair to look like it never happened.

Hiring a professional to remove your popcorn ceiling will also cut down on the messiness of the process. A professional will have the right tools and know the best techniques for removing the popcorn. In addition, he or she will take care of the disposal of the popcorn, which can be a real benefit if the ceiling texture contains asbestos.

Another option for dealing with a popcorn ceiling is simply to cover it with another layer of drywall. This will do away with the mess that removing it can bring. The results will still look very good.

Recently, the popularity of the popcorn ceiling seems to be returning. No longer is asbestos used in popcorn ceilings. An advantage of this kind of ceiling continues to be noise-dampening. In addition, the popcorn ceiling can hide imperfections in the ceiling that flat, non-textured surfaces can’t.

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