Replace Your Popcorn Ceilings Faster, Cleaner, Easier

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I Hate Popcorn

I hate popcorn! That’s right, I hate popcorn. Not the kind you eat, that’s delicious. But I hate the kind that they put on ceilings. You know, the ugly, cheap, bumpy stuff that was on the ceilings at grandmas house, and maybe even your house as well. Now I don’t have to tell you how beautiful your home would be if you replaced that lumpy mess with brand new painted and textured ceilings. At Acoustical Ceilings Inc. we will scrape, texture, and paint the ceilings in your entire home in 48 hours, Guaranteed. On top of that, we will clean up every night so you can live in your home between work days. And the best part is, that with our proprietary wet sand process, you will never have that fine dust through out your home like every other company leaves when they try to remove popcorn ceilings. At Acoustical Ceilings replacing popcorn ceilings is a science for us, meaning you get the fastest, cleanest, easiest transition to your new, beautiful ceilings that is possible. So the choice is yours, you can endure a week of mess, dust and headache with another company, or you can breeze through 2 clean days with Acoustical Ceilings and finally transform your entire home with the beautiful new ceilings you have dreamed of.