Sooner or later, all homeowners must pay attention to the condition of their ceilings and interior walls. In some cases, the driving force behind this consideration is purely aesthetic or design-oriented. However, just as often, ceilings and walls develop problems that call for some sort of effective remedy. Whatever your reasons for making a change, you can count on the professionals at Acoustical Ceilings. For five decades, we’ve been the region’s trusted resource for ceiling and interior wall repair, restoration and remodeling. From planning to project completion, we’ll help you realize your dreams with a winning combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Wall and Ceiling Restoration/Repair

The drywall on your walls and ceilings can sustain a wide variety of damage. Many common issues are correctable with a limited repair job. Examples of repair-worthy problems include everything from gouges and scratches to stress cracks and limited water damage. However, you’ll need to consider drywall replacement for major issues such as extensive water damage and large holes. Many homeowners also need to repair or replace the decorative trim known as crown molding.

Regardless of the type of problem affecting your walls or ceilings, the experts at Acoustical Ceilings have a solution. Our trained specialists will provide seamless repairs for minor forms of drywall damage. With your prior approval, we also offer top-notch drywall replacement in appropriate circumstances. We apply the same level of care to the repair and replacement of your home’s crown molding.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings, named for their rough and irregular texture, were once popular throughout the country. However, times have changed, and many homeowners now want to remove this ceiling feature. Besides changing tastes, there are two other common reasons for eliminating a popcorn texture. First, the surface can disintegrate over time and peel or fall off. Also, a damaged popcorn ceiling installed before 1978 may release hazardous asbestos particles into your indoor air.

At Acoustical Ceilings, we’ve developed a comprehensive, reliable method of popcorn ceiling removal. Our process is designed to protect your building’s interior and minimize the impact of any dust and debris. When working with pre-1978 ceilings, we also follow the strict procedures needed to eliminate textures that contain asbestos safely. When we’ve finished our removal efforts, we’ll restore your drywall to like-new condition. To complete the job, we can paint the ceiling or install a new, more up-to-date texture or decoration.

Recessed Can Lighting and Old/Outdated Fixtures

Recessed can lights are popular for a few reasons. First, since they sit flush with the ceiling, they provide an improved sense of roominess to your interiors. Adjustable dimmers make it easy to determine your precise level of brightness. The fixtures used for recessed lights can accommodate modern, energy-conserving LED bulbs. What’s more, you can customize your trim and light housing options to fit virtually any design scheme.

Acoustical Ceilings’ staff of professionals have extensive experience installing recessed can lighting. Whatever your room dimensions or design needs, we’ll develop an appropriate lighting scheme. We’ll also carry out that scheme while following best practices for efficiency and safety. Our vast inventory makes it easy to find just the right lights for your tastes and practical needs. In addition to performing from-scratch installations, we specialize in the removal and replacement of old, outdated fixtures.

Textured Ceilings and Walls

Texturing is a convenient way of adding detail to a flat, drywalled surface. For this reason, textured walls and ceilings enjoy enduring popularity with today’s property owners. There’s also a more practical reason for adding texture to drywall. Especially on ceilings, imperfect drywall installation remains a constant problem. Significant imperfections tend to stand out if not addressed in some way. By adding a texture, you can hide installation defects permanently.

The texturing process calls for the application of a substance known as texture “mud.” This mud can be applied in varying thicknesses, as well as in a range of styles. The names of the most popular texturing options include:

  • Santa Fe
  • Orange Peel
  • Splatter
  • Knockdown
  • Adobe
  • Smooth

Each of these textures has a unique look and requires the use of specific tools and installation procedures. As a rule, only experienced, well-trained providers have the skill needed to do work that meets high professional standards.

At Acoustical Ceilings, we’ve been installing ceiling and wall textures for the last half-century. We’re experienced with the methods required to install any type of texture, from the simplest to the most complex. Also, we can tackle projects of any size. Whether working on walls or ceilings, we protect your property at all times while creating an exemplary finished product.

Decorative Ceilings

Decorative ceilings get their name because they add a new visual element to your ceiling’s existing appearance. This category includes the entire family of texturing options. It also includes additional options such as Venetian plaster, coffered ceilings, and recessed ceilings. Some people choose a decorative approach to hide underlying drywall defects. Just as often, the motivation is a desire to create a unique or eye-catching home interior. You can include installation of a decorative ceiling as part of your original construction plans. However, many homeowners choose to modify an existing surface during renovation or remodeling.

Acoustical Ceilings is your one-stop solution for decorative ceiling installation. In addition to our work on textured surfaces, we specialize in the creation of coffered and recessed ceilings. We also possess the technical expertise needed to install Venetian plaster. Regardless of the complexity of your vision or design goal, we’ll help you achieve it with the finest possible results.

Your Reliable Source for Excellence

Over the past 50 years, Acoustical Ceilings has developed a reputation for top-notch work and affordability. We strive to uphold that reputation every day, and thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our success. Start your project today with a free estimate that lets you know what to expect each step of the way. We’re happy to schedule a consultation at your convenience. Call today to make an appointment, gather more information, or seek our expert advice.

Since 1968, our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at reasonable rates.

Stephanie M.

San Dimas, CA


Just had ugly popcorn removed from my entire home. Truthfully this is a messy, labor intensive process. Although it may look simple on YouTube videos… it’s not. To get professional looking results in a reasonable amount of time you need professionals to do the job. Bob and his team are the professionals I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Bob gave us a fair estimate and recommended additional lighting work that turned our 70s era Home into a modern home. His crew was pleasant and as neat as can be expected when doing this type of work. Our home was scraped, retextured and painted in two days! The lighting looks fantastic and we no longer are living with ugly fluorescent fixtures.

If you’re going to update your home call Bob at Acoustical Ceilings Inc