Textured Ceilings & Walls

Textured Ceilings & Walls

Walls and ceilings form the primary indoor surfaces of virtually all buildings. Once installed, these surfaces make the perfect canvas for all manner of decoration and enhancement. One of the most popular enhancement options is a process called texturing. Looking for an expert to help you texture the ceilings and walls of your home or business? Acoustical Ceilings is the name you can trust. With half a century in the industry, we possess the hard-earned skills needed to complete any texturing project. Also, every day, we back these skills up with a deep commitment to affordability and customer satisfaction.

What Is Textured Drywall?

On its own, drywall is a flat, texture-free material. Many people prefer this unaccented look for their ceilings and walls. However, others prefer to spice things up with a touch of texture. Essentially, textured drywall is drywall covered in something called texture “mud.” This mud comes in a wide range of forms, each of which has its own unique finished appearance. You may be most familiar with the “popcorn” finish popular in the 20th century. However, today, you can find more modern and visually appealing options as well. Some techniques call for the hand application of mud, while others require a spray-on use.

Why Choose Texturing?

Of all the finished surfaces in a building interior, ceilings are the most likely to reveal significant installation imperfections. Rather than live with these imperfections, most owners prefer to have them covered up. Texture mud is one of the most convenient, cost-effective ways to hide ceiling defects. The same fact applies to drywalled walls, which tend to have less noticeable installation problems than ceilings.

Even if there are no issues with your walls and ceilings, you may choose to texture them for aesthetic reasons. The right finish can support other elements of your interior design. It can also help you create new points of visual interest.

Whatever your motivations for texturing your ceilings or walls, the professionals at Acoustical Ceilings can get the job done. We have decades of experience applying all manner of textures and can tackle projects of any size. We can also provide you with trusted advice on the best available methods to achieve your chosen look.

Creating Textured Ceilings

While popcorn ceilings have fallen out of favor, you still have plenty of options for adding a dash of texture. Most ceilings come coated with a denser layer of mud than that used on walls. This thicker coating makes it easier to hide installation-related issues. It can also help your ceiling stand out from its surroundings and build a strong visual impression.

In line with our dedication to choice and convenience, we offer a range of texture options, including:

Knockdown: This popular spray-on look requires a two-part process. First, we use a specialized nozzle to apply a layer of mud to your ceiling. After the mud sets, we lightly “knock down” that layer with hand tools to create the desired texture.

Splatter: This is a spray-on application also known as splatter knockdown. The technique is mostly the same as that uses for knockdown itself. However, the nozzle we use creates a more dispersed or splattered appearance.

Orange Peel: Creation of this look starts with a spray application similar to that used for the knockdown and splatter techniques. However, a different type of nozzle is required. Also, instead of smoothing out the mud, we leave it in its original shape/pattern on your ceiling.

Adobe: As its name suggests, this hand-applied look mimics the appearance of traditional adobe buildings. It combines a generally smooth appearance with random, eye-catching imperfections.

Santa Fe: This traditional look, popularized in the Southwest, is almost as smooth as bare drywall. A thin, hand-applied layer of mud is applied over the existing drywalled surface. Intentionally uneven coverage in this layer leaves gaps that add a subtle degree of visual interest.

It takes a great deal of skill to create the desired look when applying texture mud. Each method of application requires specific preparations. Also, each technique calls for the use of particular tools and accessories. Only a time-tested, well-trained provider has everything needed to perform this work at a professional level. Before hiring someone for the job, you need to know for sure that they can meet your high standards.

With these factors in consideration, Acoustical Ceilings stands out as your trusted resource for texturing excellence. Before your scheduled date, we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to prep for our arrival. Once on site, we’ll take all the steps required to safeguard your property before our work. Also, after we start, we’ll follow industry-standard procedures to ensure the quality of the finished product. We supply samples of all our texturing techniques so you can pick your options with confidence.

Creating Textured Walls

There are two reasons why textured walls usually have a lower profile than textured ceilings. First, it’s much easier for you to pick out high and low spots on a surface at eye level. This means that even a relatively small change in texture will have a more noticeable impact. Also, walls tend to accumulate dirt and dust faster than ceilings. If your walls have a dense texture, you may find thorough cleaning difficult or impossible to perform. A smoother surface translates into easier, less frequent maintenance chores.

As a rule, most of the methods used to texture ceilings are the same as those used on walls. The most popular of our offerings include Santa Fe, Splatter, and Orange Peel. When texturing walls, we follow the same procedures we use when texturing ceilings. As always, the focus remains firmly on final quality and protection of your property throughout.

Count on Acoustical Ceilings

Family-owned and operated Acoustical Ceilings has been a preferred provider of ceiling and wall textures since the late 1960s. Since opening our doors, we’ve worked with thousands of customers from every walk of life. No matter your preferences in style and thickness, we’ll help you perfect the look of your interiors. Need a no-cost estimate on your upcoming work? We’re happy to supply one over the phone or in person. For more information on our fully licensed services, contact our staff of trained specialists today.

Since 1968, our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at reasonable rates.

Stephanie M.

San Dimas, CA


Just had ugly popcorn removed from my entire home. Truthfully this is a messy, labor intensive process. Although it may look simple on YouTube videos… it’s not. To get professional looking results in a reasonable amount of time you need professionals to do the job. Bob and his team are the professionals I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Bob gave us a fair estimate and recommended additional lighting work that turned our 70s era Home into a modern home. His crew was pleasant and as neat as can be expected when doing this type of work. Our home was scraped, retextured and painted in two days! The lighting looks fantastic and we no longer are living with ugly fluorescent fixtures.

If you’re going to update your home call Bob at Acoustical Ceilings Inc