Wall & Ceiling Restoration/Repair

Wall & Ceiling Restoration/Repair

Has your residence or business sustained wall or ceiling damage? If so, make a quick call to the licensed, certified professionals at Acoustical Ceilings. For more than two generations, we’ve specialized in top-quality, cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes. No other provider can beat our winning combination of courtesy, skill, and reliability. When you absolutely must have it done right, we’re there with expert advice and assistance.

Sources of Drywall Damage

Drywall is the modern standard for the installation of walls and ceilings. Each sheet of this material contains an inner core of gypsum plaster covered by thick paper. Today, most homes in America have interior surfaces made from drywall. However, older homes may have interiors finished with plaster on top of strips of wood called lath.

Drywall has many advantages as a construction material, including durability and stability. However, over time it can sustain significant damage from a variety of sources.

Typical examples of these sources include:

· Foundation settling or improper foundation installation (which can lead to drywall cracks)
· Moisture from water leaks, inadequate room ventilation or other sources
· Accidents and mishaps
· Larger-scale disasters
· Termites
· Animals (especially mice and rats)
· Holes made to anchor paintings, mirrors or other wall decorations
· Removal of tiles, wallpaper or other overlying materials

Among all drywall problems, water damage ranks as one of the most serious. That’s because it can lead to the onset of hazardous, unsightly mold growth. You may have this type of damage if you notice sagging or bulging in walls or ceilings. Other possible indicators include loosened drywall screws/nails and surface buckling.

Drywall Repair

If the drywall in your walls or ceilings has only sustained minor damage, repair is probably your best option. Types of damage that may only require a limited repair include:

· Stress cracks
· Holes left by popped nails or screws
· Small holes created by animals, insects or accidents
· Gouges and scratches
· Localized water damage discovered early

The appropriate method of repair varies from situation to situation. Cracks, scratches, gouges and minor holes may only require the use of filler material. However, fixing more massive holes or localized damage may call for the use of a drywall patch. This is a section of new drywall set in place after removal of the ruined area.

In the long run, you can save yourself considerable time and effort by hiring a professional for drywall repairs. The experts at Acoustical Ceilings can handle any repair job. In all cases, we focus on quick, practical solutions that save you money. This means that, whenever possible, we’ll choose repair over more extensive drywall replacement.

Drywall Replacement

In some situations, drywall replacement is the only option to restore the condition of your walls and ceilings. You’ll need to take this route for large, water-damaged areas that remain wet after more than two days. The same standard applies to large areas that feel soft to the touch. In both cases, the underlying reason is the need to avoid mold growth. Replacement may also be your best bet for any large holes or damaged sections of material.

If your walls or ceilings sustain replacement-worthy damage, we’re standing by to assist you. Before we start, we’ll confirm the need for replacement and get your approval. Also, once we get underway, we’ll always choose the most practical option for achieving the results you need. We can also repair or replace other wall or ceiling materials such as plaster and lath, green board or cement board.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling is the collective term for a ceiling covered with a raised, popcorn-like texture. Other names for the same texture include a stucco ceiling and a “cottage cheese” ceiling. The popcorn method was popular in the U.S. from roughly the 1930s to the 1990s. However, today, many homeowners seek to remove these ceilings whenever possible.

There are both aesthetic and practical motives for removing a popcorn ceiling. Some people just don’t like the way they look. Also, textured ceilings installed before 1978 may contain the cancer-causing substance asbestos. Asbestos doesn’t pose a health threat when covered surfaces remain intact. However, if a popcorn ceiling begins to fall apart, it can release particles of this substance into the air.

For this reason, owners of older homes should always turn to professionals when removing popcorn ceilings. Owners of newer homes will also benefit from the ease and convenience of expert help. No matter the age of your residence, you can count on Acoustical Ceilings for verified removal services. When circumstances require, we’ll take all steps necessary for the identification and safe elimination of asbestos-containing ceilings. We take equal care with ceilings that don’t contain asbestos. In addition to removal, actions in our process include repairing/re-taping the underlying drywall and painting the newly revealed surface. You can also choose from a variety of modern, textured replacement finishes.

Crown Molding Repair/Replacement

Crown molding is the general name for decorative trim installed at the junction of a wall and ceiling. When in good condition, this beloved form of trim can add a wonderful aesthetic spark to your interiors. However, over time it can sustain damage or lose some of its luster or visual appeal.

Because of crown molding’s status as an accent material, you’ll likely want to repair or replace any damaged sections ASAP. If that’s the case, all you need to do is call the staff at Acoustical Ceilings. Our trained specialists can patch your existing molding with an exact match, or install full runs of brand-new material.

Rely on Acoustical Ceilings

For 50 years, knowledgeable homeowners and business owners have turned to family-owned and operated Acoustical Ceilings. That’s because we offer the very best in affordable wall and ceiling restoration and repair. Need a no-cost estimate on the work required for your home or business? Just give us a call. We also feature free in-person estimates that let us get a better picture of the job ahead. With Better Business Bureau accreditation and decades of expertise, we’re your one-stop solution for problems large and small. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or gather more information.

Since 1968, our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at reasonable rates.

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Just had ugly popcorn removed from my entire home. Truthfully this is a messy, labor intensive process. Although it may look simple on YouTube videos… it’s not. To get professional looking results in a reasonable amount of time you need professionals to do the job. Bob and his team are the professionals I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Bob gave us a fair estimate and recommended additional lighting work that turned our 70s era Home into a modern home. His crew was pleasant and as neat as can be expected when doing this type of work. Our home was scraped, retextured and painted in two days! The lighting looks fantastic and we no longer are living with ugly fluorescent fixtures.

If you’re going to update your home call Bob at Acoustical Ceilings Inc